Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Still Image 

High key lighting is used with highlights to show it is daytime. This is also used to show the two characters at the front are more important than the others in the background, who are less visible. Highlights are used to make it look realistic as it is a bright sunny day. The lighting is artificial as the windows in the bus show nothing but light, but in real life we would see the road, other cars and people. 

The décor of the bus is set out to look like a 90s American bus. The interior of the bus is basic and plain, to look realistic and to keep the audience’s attention on the characters. Some props are seen such as posters, which help the audience to see the characters are on a bus. There are no landscapes or buildings seen. 

The colours used in this still image are dull and very brown-based. The male’s clothing is dirty and worn out. Whereas the female’s clothing is clean and smart. The male is wearing a back bulletproof vest, which stands out against his white and grey t-shirt. This grabs the audiences attention as the bold colours are opposite. The quality of the colours dull, as the colours in the image aren't bright or eye catching, but more like everyday clothes. 

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