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Star Wars: The Force Awakens research

Star Wars: The Force Awakens research


J.J Abrams
Bryan Burk
Kathleen Kennedy

Production companies:

Lucasfilm Ltd.
Bad Robot Productions

url.jpg Director:

J.J Abrams


J.J Abrams
George Lucas
Lawrence Kasdan


John Boyega
Gwendoline Christie
Harrison Ford
Mark Hamill
Dasiy Ridley
Domhnall Gleeson
url.jpgAdam Driver
Carrie Fisher
Oscar Isaac
Lupita Nyong'o


$200 Million


England, UK
Scotland, UK
United Arab Emirates
United States of America

Greenlight date:

On the 30th of October 2012 a new film was announced in the Star Wars trilogy. This was done after Disney bought Lucasfilm from George Lucas for $4.05 Billion.

Screens shown on:

In the opening weekend Star wars made $247,966,675.

Critical reaction:

Rotten Tomatoes scored it 92%, or 8.2/10.  332 people said it was 'fresh' and 28 said it was 'rotten'.
The audience scored it 89% and the average rating was 4.3/5.
Metacritic scored it 81 based on 52 critics. The user scored it 6.9 based on 6030 ratings.

Box Office figures:

Domestic lifetime gross is $936,662,225.
Foreign lifetime gross is $1,131,561,399. 
The worldwide lifetime gross is $2,068,223,624.
The total gross in China is $124,159,138.


The music was composed by John Williams, who also was involved in all other six Star Wars films.


In November 2014 Lucasfilm released an 88 second teaser trailer, and in December Abrams and Kennedy released eight mock Topps trading cards, which released seven character's names. In April 2015 another teaser trailer was released, which was 2 minuets long. In October 2015 a third trailer was released, and in November a Japanese trailer was released. There where also posters and art work made to be published.

Tie-in products:

Fans can buy clothing, toys, games, figures, books and more from Disney stores and from other retailers around the world.

Special effects:

J.J Abrams wanted to film as much as he could in-camera. This meant building big sets, big models and using paintings. This was to ensure it didn't stand out from the other Star Wars films in the prequel. CGI was also used in the film when needed. 

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