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Film Production

Film Production:

Key Roles:

Writer- Has a deep understanding of stories, plots and narrative, as well as being able to understand how the audience is affected by the film. They are familiar with current formats for presenting screenplays and are able to demonstrate creative imagination. Screenwriters bring the characters to life. They also provide the blueprint for the creative input of the producer, director, cast and crew, production designer and the composer and editor.
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Producer- Has had experience for working in the film industry, a good business sense and a good understanding of finance. The producer must have a good creative vision, who is good at motivating people, negotiating and problem-solving. The producer has most of the control over the whole film, they bring it all together and approve the whole production team. The key responsibility of theirs is to create an environment to show off the cast and crew. They are responsible for the success of the film and take it from beginning to end.
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Casting Director- Organises the casting of Actors, for all the roles in the film. They arrange and hold interviews/ auditions, negotiate fees and contracts for the Actors who get the role. The casting director must also work with the director and Producer to understand their requirements. The Casting Directors must have a broad knowledge of cinema and Actors, as well as have an interest in the theatre and stage actors. They must also know basic ways to operate a camera, such as focus and framing. They must also be computer literate and good at communicating.
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Director- Must be the driving force in a film's production, by visualising and defining the style and structure of the film, and then bring it to life. They do casting, script editing, shot composition and editing. Also, they must remain the key link between the production, technical and creative teams. Directors are responsible for translating the creative side of the film's script into moving images and sounds on screen. They are responsible for the  film's artistic and commercial success or failure.
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Financial Controller-Manages all the finances of the company or large production. They prepare budgets, manage cashflows, accounting and taxation and raising finances. They are also the ones who oversee the whole accounting team. This job is challenging and financial controllers usually help producers and Executive producers. Together they prepare budgets and raise finances, remembering Government tax Incentive schemes.
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Camera Operator- Prepares and operates the camera, along with all the equipment. They work along side the Director of Photography, so the correct style is achieved. Also, they manage other camera department staff and communicate with actors. Camera operators carry out the director of photography's and the director's instructions for shot composition and the development. Usually, they are the first people to see how the performance, art direction, lighting, composition and the camera movement come together to form the overall film.
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Editors- Work very closely to the director to create the finished film, they work in an editing suite, often for a long amount of time. The editor will run a team of assistants and trainees for bigger productions or companies. This role is key in the Head of Department features. The editor will carefully choose and edit shots so the film flows throughout.
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Production Designer- Their job is to manage all visual aspects of the film, they work with the director and producer to create a budget and schedule. Production designers also direct the team who is responsible for sets and costume etc. They are part of the main heads of department on film crews, they are also responsible for the entire art department. Their role also includes helping directors, so the look and feel of the film is correct to the director and producer.
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Marketing- Their role includes taking care of the planning and marketing campaigns. Their main responsibility is to convince the public that the film is one they want to see. They then target potential audiences whilst the film is being released, this is when the audiences interest will be most high. After it has been released, they increase promotion to gain a larger audience.
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Exhibition-Showing films in cinemas is the biggest source of income for a film. Other methods of creating a bigger audience or profit is a premier in the UK or USA. This will draw a wider audience and will increase advertising, meaning more people are likely to hear about the film and want to see it. The film is then given to the cinemas who show the film. The cinemas is given films when it has been decided what is likely to be popular and what people want to see.
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