Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Ex_Machina Marketing


Many independent and less known magazines featured ex machina, plus there aren't many interviews that were published into magazines. Interviews regarding the film are quite hard to find and this could be due to the production company focusing on other marketing techniques, or the film could have not received any interview requests from magazine companies. However there are articles about the film from before and after it was released in online magazines and reviews. It was 'Film Forever's' film of the week in February 2015 and gained lots of positive attention on smaller magazine companies like 'Impact' a magazine for students in Nottingham.  
'Slant magazine' also Included a review for the film in their copy which was significantly more negative, the review includes a 2 and a half out of 5 star rating and can be read here. 
TV Interviews

The cast of Ex_Machina have been interviewed for a number of YouTube channels including Beyond The Trailer, We Got This Covered, Flicks And The City and more well-known channels such as MTV and Film4. This appeals to a wider audience than some TV shows. As this was an indie film with a small budget the cast wouldn't go on big TV shows where the audience may not suit the targeted audience for the film. The YouTube channels appeal to many more people, who are more likely to see the film, this includes younger adults and people interested in technology. The videos mainly contain the cast talking about their experience with the film, meeting their cast members and little hints or spoilers of what if going to be seen in the film. Alicia Vikander has also been on Late Night With Seth Meyers and spoke about perfecting her 'robot voice' and taking on the role of Ex_Machina. These interviews help to attract a larger audience and also allows the audience to see new information about the film, cast or some behind the scenes information. 


Apps and Games

When marketing Ex_Machina the production companies used a dating app, Tinder, to interact with people at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. These people matched with the character Ava, and without them knowing, she spoke to them, asking questions about love and being a human. Afterwards, the people were sent a link to her instagram account, where it was revealed it was a stunt for a film.

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